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Josie and Phi’s wedding at Skyline Country Club // Tucson Wedding Photography

Josie and Phi have infectious smiles they use early and often – you know in a few seconds just what genuine people they are.  After a great early-morning engagement session with them downtown this past winter, I was really looking forward to their wedding.

It never hurts that I consider early November to be just about the perfect time of year for weddings in Arizona as well – mild days and cool nights, great sunsets…it’s a good time to be outside, and this past Saturday was no exception.

I really like Skyline Country Club – it looks a bit like an atomic-age superhero’s fortress, perched way up high, overlooking the city from the edge of the mountains, with views that your guest will talk about forever.

Hair and makeup ran late, but no harm was done and I got to spend lots of time with Phi.  He hates having his photo taken, but told me he liked how he looked in the engagement session photo for the first time in ages , and thus trusted me on the wedding day.  Once Josie arrived, we made a whirlwind of quick getting ready photos and portraits, and she showed off an amazing ability to look calm and serene when the clock is ticking!

Their ceremony itself was swift and heartfelt, filled with tears and a laughter.  I particularly liked Phi’s expression upon seeing Josie for the first time, descending the steps from the balcony. Everyone was moved by their personal vows and laughed along with them when they forgot the exchange of rings, and came back up the aisle for that, and another first kiss. Thank you Dominic Ortiz for your help as my second photographer!

From there it was a big fun party, and we had a fantastic time with Tony Pacheco of Desert DJs packing the dance floor.  Great food, a lovely setting, and amazing cake (from the chef at Skyline, who makes some incredible pastries – just ask ’em about it!)  The wedding itself had a Dia De Los Muertos theme, so there was plenty of color where ever I turned the camera.   Here are some favorites from our reception slideshow – enjoy!


Broc and Kelsey’s wedding at La Mariposa // Tucson Wedding Photography

Another great couple and another great La Mariposa wedding this weekend, as Broc and Kelsey made it official on a gorgeous October Saturday, under the towering mesquite trees. I’ll update this to say a bit more about what a perfect day it was – and how awesome it was to be reunited with Stephany Keith, from Black Sheep Video, but for now, I’ll let the (unedited) photos do the talking. 



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