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An “Epic” photoshoot in Barrio Historico

This shoot began with a bike ride almost twenty years ago. On that fateful day, I took my new friend Todd on his first-ever “epic” mountain bike excursion, way up on Mt. Lemmon. We were UA students skipping class to go bag a big ride I’d found just recently. In the prehistoric days before cell phones and gps (and modern mountain bikes, and wistfully, before the big fires), it was an all day death-march on the barely-rideable Butterfly trail, more than 8,000 feet above sea level.

We rode some, we crashed some, but mostly I remember us pushing our bikes up steep switchbacks and scarfing down peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was so epic, Todd fell asleep (more than once!) driving us back down the mountain. Somewhere along the journey though, in that dark and ancient forest of ferns and towering pines, Todd caught the big-ride bug, and later went on create the internationally-renowned, wildly successful mountain bike race promotions company, Epic Rides. Today, they have my favorite company motto of all time:  “A Good Day on the Bike.”

That’s a long introduction to a short gallery, but that’s how it came to pass that some friends and I rolled down to the Barrio to make some fun “merch” shots for Epic Rides the other day at sunset. Sadly, Todd was off at a giant bike convention, or you’d see his grinning mug here as well. Maybe we can get him to model the undies later.

Particular thanks to Epic’s Cat Green, for coordinating the whole deal, and bike-hoarder extraordinaire Andy DePew for showing up with a quiver of snazzy rides. And of course, to Sarah, my love, for looking so darn cute it that white hat.


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