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2012 Fall Foliage Sessions

A big thanks to everyone who signed up for our fall foliage portrait sessions on Mt. Lemmon yesterday – it was felt like another world up on the mountain, the color was just spectacular and everyone had such a good time. Part of me wishes I had such a grand backdrop every day of the year, but if it weren’t so fleeting, it might not feel so special. ¬†Here are just a few of my favorites:


Blue-Eyed Abby woos the world

Jen and Darrell are the kind of people that make Tucson such an awesome town. Fun, funny and friendly-as-hell, they’re regular bon vivants. Their wedding had so many great moments, it’s on my top ten list three times in a row.

And now they’re going to be the kind of PARENTS that make Tucson such an awesome town. Little Abby here is going to grow up in such an incredible bubble of awesomeness, it gives me the warm fuzzies just writing about it. With that, here are few favorites from her debut.


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