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Town and Country {Tucson Engagement Portrait Photography}

Now that the weather is cooling off a bit, I’ve been busy with lots of engagement sessions in all sorts of spots around Tucson. I thought I’d share a few images from two sessions this week that were of very different flavors, but both a ton of fun.

Chris and Julianne wanted something green and lush, and met me at Reid Park armed with flowers, balloons, silly string, (I brought the ampersand!) and an endless supply of laughter. Steve and Elizabeth on the other hand, were looking for a fun/casual/romantic shots set against a rugged desert and mountain backdrop, and  joined me for a short sunset hike on the Pontatoc Ridge trail. They considered bringing their dogs as props, but decided it would be more relaxing with just the two of them (and me of course!)

Regardless of the setting, I think we made some fun images that catch their respective sparks, and had a great time doing it. Knowing how they fit together, play together and photograph together will make the wedding day portraits that much better!


Lauren and Mitchell’s DeGrazia Gallery engagement session

Lauren and I were on the lookout for a classic American-heartland style barn for her engagement session, and when it just didn’t turn up anywhere remotely nearby, I suggested the rustic grounds of one of my favorite spots in Tucson, the Ted DeGrazia gallery. Her informal Facebook poll of her friends seconded that idea, and so we met yesterday for an hour and a half of playful engagement photos at sunset, with a full moon rise right at dusk.

It was my first chance to meet her fiance Mitchell, but she’d already told me about his great smile, and how easy it was for them to have fun together. Her parents even dropped by to cheer them on (or embarrass them a little, I’m not sure). We suffered one torn hem when Lauren jumped into Mitchell’s arms, and a kamikaze bug ended its time on earth in Mitchell’s eye, but otherwise nothing but smiles and laughter.

I really do love sessions like this because it gives me such a great chance to see how couples fit and interact together, and it gives them a sense of the rhythm of a portrait session like we’ll do on their wedding day. And we get to hang out a bit and joke around together – that’s probably the best part. Thanks for coming out yesterday you two – I can’t wait for your wedding in September!


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