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Wedding fashion photography with GiGi’s Bridal, take 2

I’m out the door in a few minutes to start setting up for a day-long advertising shoot with my good friend Guillian Bon, of the fabulous GiGi’s bridal boutique, and I thought I’d include some great raw images from our last shoot together, which she’s been using for her current campaign.

We made the photos on the store floor, and set up lights and backdrop over the course of a couple of hours. Our model Claire was fantastic, with a megawatt smile and easy laugh, and a team of hair and makeup ninjas from the Red Door Spa made sure she looked perfect, in minutes, over the course three hours and multiple looks.  The Pronovias dresses speak for themselves – just gorgeous!

Today’s shoot will be totally different – wistful and romantic if I’m not mistaken…and a model with a very different look.  We’re working in and around the Westin La Paloma Resort, who have quite courteously given us the run of the place for the day.  I won’t spoil the surprise by posting them on the blog first, so you’ll have to look for GiGi’s ad’s in the upcoming Tucson Bride and Groom!


Hotel Congress treasure hunt {Tucson commercial photography shoot}

I’ve long thought of Hotel Congress as the heart of Tucson’s quirky nightlife, the distinct epicenter of cool in this town. There is ALWAYS something going on over there, because they never close. Ever.

Over the years I’ve had the honor to make a lot of the photography for their ads and brochures (rooms, food, concerts, remodels, you name it) and cover some amazing events along the way. I was even there the night of Y2K, covering the party like it was 1999. It’s a pretty photogenic place – most of my downtown engagement sessions start and finish there for good reason.

My most recent shoot there, for the newest iteration of their web site (, was a particularly fun one. Hats off to Hunter and Shannon who did a marvelous job on the site redesign. They asked me to concentrate on textures for their page backgrounds, which was like a treasure hunt for a photographer like me. Here’s some of the cooler bits I found, along with a few of the scene shots we put together.

I love that they picked my favorite texture of the bunch – the red tooled vinyl seats from the bar in the Club – as the main backdrop. Totally noir!


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