Tiff and Ted’s Excellent (Wedding) Adventure // Tucson Wedding Photography

Tiff and Ted had a big, raucous, loving family wedding last night, a whirlwind of  great moments. Laughter and tears of joy, big toasts, bigger bear hugs and wild dancing until they turned the lights off. The setting was Tucson’s lovely and historic Stillwell House, on a perfect warm fall Saturday. If you were there, you’re probably still recovering from quite a party.

No words can do the day justice – I heard more than one guest state emphatically “well THAT was amazing, wasn’t it?”

It was a pleasure working with some of my favorite people – ace DJ Andy Depew (Satyr Entertainment) and Jeri Fitzgerald, (Celebrations By Design), who made everything quite excellent. Also many thanks to my photo team, JP Connelly and Dominic Ortiz, who were everywhere I couldn’t be.  And last but not least, In-N-Out Burger, who made the quickly devoured late-night burgers!






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