Tucson Bride and Groom fashion spread by Chris Richards Photography!

This awesome fashion shoot at Tubac Golf Resort and Spa was a secret I’ve had to keep for two months now, and it’s been killing me!  Now at last the fab Summer/Fall ’12 issue of Tucson Bride and Groom has hit the streets, and I can show off the results of all our work.  I have to say that their magazine and web site get cooler and cooler every issue – they’re clearly the high-end game in town at this point, and advertising with them has been a fantastic investment in getting my images seen by people who appreciate photography and design.  Thank you Fran and Liz!

It was a fun and zany adventure to make some “serious” fashion photos, a la classic Ralph Lauren.  Start with tons of planning by the ever-thoughtful staff at Tubac (you rock Melissa!), add a gaggle of patient, beautiful models (capable of pouting or snarling on cue), drape them in gorgeously delicate attire (from Gigi’s amazing Pronovias collection), bedazzle everything with stunning accessories (Thank you Tiffany’s!), unleash some truly giant pets, temper with a taste of “Blue Steel”  and viola: high fashion!  At the risk of sounding like the Oscars, I also have to thank Posh Petals, Tucson Party Rentals, A Tailor Tuxedo and Bridal Shop.

Making traditional fashion photos with those ever-present cool expressions is always a curious change from the look of genuine joy I’m usually after.  It was easier in many ways – it takes less effort to elicit a look of superiority than a look of delight, and you don’t have to worry about fleeting”peak moments.”   But I’ve found it’s less fun for me.  Photographers who make moving photos have no choice but to absorb some (often much) of the emotional content of their subjects – that’s part of why I moved away from newspaper work, and all of why I never became a combat photographer, like my braver friends.   The palpable love that radiates from weddings and babies and fun people is what makes it all worth it to me.

For light, I shoehorned a huge load of 10 ft x 4ft white foam-core reflector boards into my truck and slouched beneath them on the 45 minute drive down.  They’re hard to wrangle, thus kind of impractical for weddings but they really made for a luxurious fill light outdoors.  They also terrified our gentle tempered wolfhound for some reason. I’ll remember that the next time I’m chased by one.

All and all, it was a fun, beautiful day, with close to eight hours of time behind the lens. Shoots like this are always a bit of a circus, but we were well fed and cared for, and you can’t go wrong in a place as pretty as Tubac.


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