Doug and Kaiti’s winter wonderland wedding at Reflections

Doug and Kaiti’s winter-themed wedding was a gorgeous homage to the season we just get a taste of here in Tucson, with a dash of post-kiss mock-snow to make it feel official. Kaiti’s mom went the extra mile to make sure no detail was overlooked, and Reflections at the Buttes came through with top-notch hosting, as always.

Nighttime weddings, while intimate and beautiful, present a special challenge to photographers (deer in the headlights-style flash, anyone?). To mix it up, we set up snazzy radio-triggered flashes to throw a little off-camera light on things, and the results were awesome. A heartfelt thanks to second-photographer J.P. Connelly for his tireless work getting them just right.

Here’s a few favorites from our slideshow that night!


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